Sharp Zaurus remote control. Opera 7.55 on Zaurus displaying webapp over usb networking. Webapp displays xmltv data and sends ir commands to equipment (stereo/sat box) via lircd. All the tough work is done one webapp server, leaving the zaurus to only render, which opera does quite quickly and very nicely.

1 hr TV listings across all channels in a set, touch to display. Filtered by channel set (all, favourite, sports, etc), as configured via main app.

Details of selected airing, click to add to watching, or add to watching and tune

Details of selected airing. Click to tune. Select dropdown and time (1.5m, 2m, 5m) and click to switch back in time. Used for skipping commercials and not missing start after commercial block. Click minus to remove.

Programming suggestions for current airings, based on previous viewing, click to add to watching and tune. Click minus to remove. Datamined before the bottom of every half hour.

Video browser. Assign and browse directories containing video files. Clicking on video causes videoplayer to be opened.

Video player. Clicking on video play mplayer process to start playing video on server and background in slave mode. While playing, fwd/rew/stop/pause/osd causes the action to go to mplayer process. Large (60s) and tight (5s) grained rewind and fastforward are available. Airing and programme information (if the video was recorded with jivo) is displayed and file information is extracted on load with mplayer's midentify. Video plays on computer where webapp is running.

Semi-traditional remote interface. Clicking on numbers causes queuing until hit enter. Del removes last number. Other buttons activate on press, causing script to be executed (which triggers appriate lirc transmit event). LIRCD causes lircd restart, which is required occasionally. Other buttons could be easily added.

Twitch city, a show about a no-life homebound tv addict, on lcd panel controlled by webapp on zaurus. heh. Drastic lack of interactive Molly Parker here, however.

Zaurus with usb cable and no cradle.