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Music Library
A BeNOW Web Framework Walkthru

This is a walkthru demonstrating development of a Music Library web application using the BeNOW web framework. The destined application will provide an interface by which information for albums and artists can be managed. Many of the features of the web, repository, security and service APIs will be used while building the music application, and the end result will give you an idea of where to start with your own projects.

This walkthru, including all source code, can be downloaded.

This is a work in progress, and comments are very much welcomed.

  1. Preparing
    Installing the pre-requisites for web application development.
  2. Creating a new project
    Creating a new web development project using the BeNOW tools, creating the project in eclipse and running the blank web framework.
  3. Running the project
    Start the bare web application to see what is provided by the framework. When running, you'll get an idea of how it might be modified.
  4. Web framework tour
    A brief tour of the web framework bling.
  5. Creating the object model
    Creating the various objects which are to be used in the Music Library project.
  6. Creating the services
    Creating a service to perform functions within the music library.
  7. Calling services from Java
    Using the created services to add artist and albums from within a small java test application.
  8. Creating a new page
    A brief introduction to creating and editing a new web page.
  9. Calling services from a page
    Fetching albums from the music service and displaying them in a page.
  10. Posting to a service
    Creating and editing music library objects via form submission from pages.
  11. Calling a service via JavaScript
    Using a JavaScript AJAX request to interact with the music service to delete an album, without moving away from the page.
  12. Security and customisation
    The security model, security enforcement and integrating application with security concepts.
  13. Advanced Topics
    Advanced web application development topics
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